Charles Town Maroon

Charles Town Maroon

Live Like a Maroon For a Day

Be a Maroon for a day: Maroons were slaves who ran away from the sugar cane fields and lived in the mountains. Here’s a day that will change your life forever as you immerse yourself in the life of the brave slaves who made history.

Imagine sitting by the river and eating some of the foods brought from West Africa for the slaves. Yams, plantains and ‘Jerk’ made famous by the Maroons as their most popular method of cooking.

The History of the Maroons

Learn about the fascinating history of the Maroons by visiting the Maroon Museum, old plantation ruins and Churches built by the English during the period of slavery. A visit to the herb Garden will help you learn about Jamaica’s traditional herbs and spices.

Learn stories of how the slaves kept the African culture alive through drumming & dancing. Participate in the drumming and dancing after lunch and finish the day by swimming in the cool… cool… river.

Package includes:

  • Transfer to Charles Town In Portland
  • Tour of herb Garden
  • Tour of Museum
  • Lunch – you eat like a Maroon
  • Drumming & dancing
  • End your day by bathing in the river just like the Maroons

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