Church Service

Church Service

Church Service - Experience a Jamaican Soul Stirring Gospel Service

Immerse yourself in a Jamaican soul stirring Gospel Service and see how Jamaicans worship. Church is always a special time to worship ‘Jamaican style’. Jamaicans know how to sing and give praise with a vibrancy that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Most Jamaicans love to go to church and as you travel around the island you’ll see more churches per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Christianity was first introduced by the plantation owners in the days of slavery and it was one of the few things the slaves were able to do.

Now Jamaicans have perfected the art of worship and has taken it to a whole new level.

Visit a church and see how Jamaicans worship. You will find many of the European customs and songs but they are blended with the African traditions. Participate in a hand clapping, soul stirring service flavoured with the beating of drums.

Listen carefully and you will notice that many songs have the reggae beat. There are many customs and practices in different churches but the common thread will be music and singing.

Dressing up for church is still a great custom in Jamaica so don’t forget to bring your ‘Sunday best’ if you plan to go to church.

On your trip to Jamaica, get a rejuvenating experience by singing and dancing and chanting to gospel music Jamaican Style.

Recommended to take with you

  • Bible or electronic Bible
  • An offering (can be little as $2.00)
  • Camera or video recorder (You can take quick photos or video clips)
  • Bring your Sunday best as Jamaicans dress up for church
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