Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Maureen is the founder/CEO of Jamaica Volunteer Programs. She is a woman with an indomitable spirit and a determined and fierce competitor with a strong passion and will to succeed. No wonder her motto is ‘Never Give Up!’

Hear Maureen’s life changing story that started when she was just twelve years old.

“My mother was a housekeeper/cook who worked in a Villa in the hills of the resort town San-San, Jamaica. She was poor and could not afford to pay for my supervision. Her greatest fear was that I might get pregnant as a teen; so after school each day she would hide me in the staff quarters at her workplace. Unbeknownst to my mother I would wander on the beach and talk to the tourists about my beautiful island, Jamaica.

One day I met a couple from Windsor, Canada and started describing some of the scenic spots they could visit around Portland. They were so impressed with my love for my country that they decided to help me. They found my mother and offered to be my sponsor throughout my tenure at high school. They gave me the opportunity to have the best education and opened up a new world for me. In 2001, I was restless and wanted a new direction for my business. I wanted to find a way to inject my passion into my organization and asked myself “What can I give to help the people of Jamaica?” and “How can I make a difference using my love of travel and adventure?” The answer to these questions came with one word ‘volunteering’; and out of this Jamaica Volunteer Programs was born.

Meet members of the team

Meet Audley

Meet Audley
Operations Manager

Audley is Maureen Wright-Evans husband and the Operations Manager. He handles all the logistics for transportation. He is the one who will make sure you get picked up from the airport. If you are looking for an adventure and want to know Jamaica’s attractions he will organize the day tours.

Audley has an amazing knowledge of Jamaica’s scenic spots and if you are lucky to have him on one of your tours he will teach you about the hard to find fruits in Jamaica and actually find them for you.

Don’t forget to ask him about the history behind the stories he tells.

Meet Marlon

Meet Marlon
Your Driver / Tour guide

Marlon is one of our tour guides / social media marketer. He is a basketball player and a former member of Jamaica’s Junior Basketball team. His love of this sport shines through the minute you meet him and don’t be surprised if he invites you to play a game of basketball.

You will need a translator from time to time and Marlon will be there for you  as the official language of Jamaica is English, however be warned, the moment you arrive at the airport, you will hear another language by the locals. Patios! A blend of English and African words first developed by the slaves on the sugar fields.

Learning Jamaican English  will be fun and Marlon will teach you many new words such as No Problem Man!: Everything Is Ok!

Meet Louise

Meet Louise
Your cook / House Keeper

You’re guaranteed the most delicious, nutritious meals made from organic ingredients. Each meal is prepared with the world’s greatest secret ingredient – love! No matter your dietary preference or restrictions, we’ll prepare mouth-watering dishes that will have you talking about it for a long while.

Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal
Program Advisor/Social Media Marketer

Crystal Thompson is one of our Program Advisors/Social Media Marketer. She enjoys singing and having fun. She has a passion for marketing, enjoys exploring and going on adventures. So if you are looking to reach out of your comfort zone to explore a new culture, she will advise you and ensure that you have a volunteer experience of a lifetime.

She works behind the scenes to coordinate activities and based on your goals and interests, she will design the right program that will fit your needs. She will also provide you with the requisite support you need and give you some ideas of what you can do to make the most of your time away.
Thinking about embarking on an amazing volunteer experience? Let her guide you through the process!

Meet Jermaine

Meet Jermaine
Our Video Marketer/Content Developer

Jermaine is our Video Marketer/Content Developer. He is a multimedia all-rounder with skills and past experience in media, Video recording and editing, Photography, Graphic design, Web content management and Writing.
He is all about information, sports and technology and is always seeking to improve himself. He is the chief orchestrator of those videos you see on our website and YouTube and the guy behind our cameras.
Jermaine is focused, goal-oriented person, very ambitious, determined and has a high work-ethic. Notwithstanding his business-minded approach, he is friendly and can be very engaging, funny and fun when he wants to be.
If you want to know about Jamaican sports or music ask Jermaine, as those are two of his main passions along with the internet.



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