Go On a Jamaican Shopping Adventure

What is a Jamaican trip without shopping? Going on a shopping adventure is one of the surest ways to learn about Jamaica and its people… So go through the maze of craft markets and shops where you’ll find Jamaican treasures to take back home.

The Craft Market

Enthusiastic craft vendors can be seen all over the Island selling wood sculptures, carvings, paintings and craft items. From these vendors, you can find a great bargain if you don’t appear too eager to pay the first asking price.
Craft stall

Want to go to the Mall?

Shop on the Mall and find the best stores for T-shirts and souvenirs. If you are looking for a more sophisticated shopping experience, you may visit air-conditioned malls and shops selling Jamaican rum, coffee, herbs, spices, and other exotic gifts.

Go shopping and take back some Jamaican treasures and If you forget to shop or did not have the time, the airport is a great place to grab last minute authentic items.

 Summary of Fees & Other purchases

  • Transfer cost  US$40.00
  • Pay for your gifts and other purchases
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