Accomodation to immerse in the culture

Accommodation to immerse in Jamaica’s Culture

Are you yearning to experience real family life in Jamaica and live like a local? Do you want to eat authentic foods with families in their homes?  –  Have the same meals they eat every day?  If you are looking to immerse in a new culture, then we have accommodations in Jamaican communities waiting for you. These are volunteer houses and home stays to get an intimate view of the Jamaican life.

Volunteer houses and home stays:

Your accommodation is carefully selected to provide and ensure safety, friendly staff and clean rooms. We know what you need to immense in our culture and we have covered everything.

You can expect to live in safe areas with electricity, access to telephone, internet and clean water. You want to be comfortable and have an experience you can’t stop talking about, so we’ve put a lot of thought and work in selecting your accommodation. When you arrive at the volunteer home one of our Program Advisors will welcome you and make sure you are settled and comfortable. Most of our staff are located in the volunteer homes or close by so you will always have access and support if it is required.

Here’s how you’ll experience the Jamaican culture when you live with the people

Learn to speak Jamaican Patois fast,immediately as you arrive at our airport, you’ll start hearing some words that will become very familiar to you during your stay. A few of these are ‘Soon Come’ which means ‘Just a minute’ and ‘No Problem’ which means everything is fine. At your volunteer houses and home stays, you will find Jamaicans who will help you get practice and teach you many more words and phrases.


In Jamaican homes you’ll find a variety of foods which are as varied as the people and scenery, and you’ll be able to sample all of them. Our home- cooked food is a melting pot of all the cultures brought here during slavery and the plantation era, and staying in a Jamaican home is the best place to sample these.


Jamaicans love music so you’ll hear the music and see the dance everywhere you travel over the communities. You can’t ignore it as it will be coming from the rum bars, street corners, supermarkets, stores and even the church.

Visit a church

When you stay in a volunteer home you can visit a church and see how Jamaicans worship. You will find many European customs and songs but they will be blended with the African traditions and the beating of drums. Participate in a hand clapping, soul stirring service. Jamaicans know how to sing and worship with a vibrancy that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Sports – the heartbeat of Jamaica

It is the fire that lights the Jamaican people and has always been important in their lives. Can you picture going to a sports event that is like a carnival? If you can then this is what attending a football (soccer), cricket, or track and field event is like in the community you’ll be staying.

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