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Blue Mountain tour is a trip of a lifetime and amazing experiences. Your exhilarating trip will start with the ride up the rugged terrain of the mountain. And as the bus climbs the winding road in a snake-like crawl, you’ll see this spectacular country as you have never seen before. Everywhere you’ll see the sight of flora and fauna.

Your first stop will be Craighton House, a national historic treasure and coffee plantation.

Built by George Craighton in 1805, the Craighton Estate boasts exquisite Georgian style architecture. Take a step back in time as you peek into the 18th-century plantation era and learn about plantation life.

Enjoy a lecture on how coffee came to Jamaica. And you’ll hear stories about the different types of coffee planted in Africa and other places around the world. After that, you’ll feel as if you just did a university course on coffee.

Then surround yourself with the rich aroma of the coffee beans as you walk the plantation. Enjoy a hands-on experience learning how one of the world’s most expensive coffee is planted and harvested. And, don’t forget to absorb the magical sights and sounds of the Blue Mountains along the journey!

Before you go, enjoy the sweet, creamy flavor of Arabica coffee grown locally.

Your next stop on the Blue Mountains tour will be at Strawberry Hills to tour the picturesque and breathtaking grounds where the rich and famous hideaway, including Prince Charles and other royalty.

 Finally, while on the Blue Mountains, you’ll visit the famous Newcastle. See Jamaica’s training camp for soldiers and enjoy a fantastic view.

This tour is a top-ranking favorite among coffee lovers.

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