Campus Reps

Campus Representatives

Become A Student Rep And Earn FREE Trips Cash And Other Incentives

Jamaica Volunteer Programs offers volunteers the chance to volunteer in Jamaica for an experience of a lifetime.

There are opportunities to make a difference, life changing experiences, internships, and thrilling adventures. It is a chance for volunteers to touch, feel and see the ‘Real Jamaica’

The management team of Jamaica Volunteer Programs has a combined experience of over 24 years in the car rental and adventure travel business and since 2004; we have focused on volunteer programs.

Jamaica Volunteer Programs now provide student packages for winter, spring and summer break. In addition to this, we offer exciting volunteer vacation packages for families and individuals.

Our objective is to research and provide safe, affordable programs, which offer the best chance to impact the poor and vulnerable in Jamaica. While doing this, we want you to build new skills or find a new interest, and have fun learning about the culture and attractions of the island.

Why become a Student Rep?
As a member of our Campus Marketing team you will be the link between your school and our organization. Your job is to help students know about the new and exciting ways they can volunteer and make a difference in Jamaica.

You have the option to be a Student Rep or Campus Rep

Student Rep:
As a student rep you can earn FREE trips, cash and other incentives by promoting Jamaica Volunteer Programs on your campus and other areas.

Campus Rep:
As a Campus rep, you will promote our programs on your campus, earn cash and other incentives but you will also be asked to recruit other student reps. As you move around your campus you would be looking out for students who could make good student reps. when these new student reps make sales you earn an override commission.

As a student on campus, you might have been thinking of finding creative and flexible ways to earn extra income, build new skills and travel to see the world differently. As a Jamaica Volunteer Program’s rep you’ll be able to achieve all these.

You can work flexible hours that won’t interfere with your school work or social life, get free trips and earn cash. Just imagine having a job that allows you to have a win win! You promote trips that change people’s lives and have fun.

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