For Parents

Why Jamaica Volunteer Programs is the perfect fit for your high school/college students.

If you are a parent or guardian looking for a study abroad/international service learning trip for your child, look no further. You have come to the right place! As the owner of this organization and a mother of three sons, I know how scary it is to have a child living far away from home in a foreign country.  Whether it’s your child’s first time abroad or not, it’s still daunting and this is why you want to surrender your child to a unique organization that understands just how you feel.

By letting your children go and giving them wings to fly, we hope to provide life changing education that will never be found in a text or guide book.

Our goal is that when your child returns home, their life will never be the same. We hope to motivate, empower and help build self-confidence with the ability to problem solve and adapt to life’s challenges.

Here are some of the top reasons why you can go to sleep and stop worrying

  • We provide a ‘home away from home’ with our authentic Jamaican family
  • Provide internet connection in all rooms for cheap and easy communication
  • Top class support to ensure your child is safe in Jamaica
  • At the push of a button, we can get immediate access to security guards
  • By squeezing our panic button, we can get access to an ambulance in an emergency
  • First aid kits are readily available for accidents and emergencies
  • Fire extinguishers are installed in several locations on our property
  • Lockers are available to keep valuables safe
  • We provide transportation to and from all projects
  • Program advisors accompany each new volunteer on the first day of their project and ensure that he/she is settled
  • All staff members have mobile phones and are in regular contact with our office
  • Staff members travel and supervise all excursions & cultural immersion experiences
  • Our local partners work with us to look out for our student’s safety and well-being

What happens on arrival at the airport and after?

  • On arrival in Jamaica, your child will be met at the airport by a friendly and smiling driver who is a member of our team
  • From this moment onwards,  Jamaica Volunteer Programs will provide everything  your child needs to succeed – safety, transportation, quality food, comfortable housing, and support
  • On arrival at our accommodation, we ask your child to call, text or email you to say he/she has reached safely. Later a Jamaican welcome awaits, which includes dinner and orientation. During this process, we go over all the information your child needs to know and give a summarised version in an easy to use checklist
  • Next it will be time for your child to meet our staff members and other students who will be eagerly waiting to be introduced
  • After settling in and unpacking, your tired child goes to sleep – happy, excited and eager to find out what the new days holds

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