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Fundraising Tricks for Volunteering Abroad

Have you been thinking of volunteering abroad, but you just don’t have the funds to make your dream a reality? You’re not thinking of giving up on your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now, are you? I hope not, because many creative and unique fundraising campaign ideas have worked for others and can work for you too!

Fundraising is a popular way to raise money for a volunteer trip abroad. Finding the right strategies and coming up with creative ideas for a fundraising campaign can pay off big time. Like anything else, if you put time and effort into it and pour your heart and soul into your fundraising project, it will be successful.

Once you have this perspective in mind, ideas will flow. Here are some creative and innovative fundraising campaign ideas.


10 Fundraising Campaign Tips Unique to Jamaica that Really Work

1.   Host a Jamaican night event

They are the best kind of events to host – themed events. Why not let your theme be a Jamaican one? Decorate your space to reflect Jamaican culture and serve cultural foods and beverages. Don’t forget to sell your tickets and raise your funds.

2.   Sell Raffle Tickets

There are so many innovative ways to raffle something. The most popular is to create a basket. Perhaps you can make some Jamaican style jewelry and include Jamaican jerk sauce or Jamaican spices. If you do not wish to create a basket, you can always raise your funds by offering a service like dog walking.

3.   Host a bake sale

As part of your fundraising campaign, you can ask loved ones to bake delectable treats and offer them up at a bake sale.

4.   You could also host a coffee or lemonade sale 

There are so many ways to make coffee and lemonade; the creativity is endless. You could make several types of homemade lemonade, such as kiwi raspberry. When it comes to coffee, no one will pass up a refill, especially during a yard sale.

5.   Host a yard sale 

Take some time and search your home for things that are valuable, but just not to you any longer. There is an old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Clean it up and resell it. Make sure that you advertise and create a poster saying that it is all for volunteer purposes.


6.   Have a party. 

Play reggae music. Let guests know to come dressed up in Jamaican style to represent the culture. Think about how much fun it would be to create traditional Jamaican jewelry at your party and ask your guests to allow you to sell them at a later date at a craft fair to raise even more funds.

7.   Host a charity car wash 

Everyone needs their car washed, but no one likes to wait in line at traditional car washes. It’s an easy way to raise some funds.

8.   JVP Sponsorship Letter

One of the best ways to raise funds as part of your fundraising campaign is to show proof of your good intentions. Once your plans are established for volunteering abroad in Jamaica, you can receive a customizable letter, you can mail asking for support/sponsorship from family and friends.

9.   Travel grants and scholarships

Contact your local school district and request information about applying for a grant or scholarship to make your volunteer dreams in Jamaica come true.

10. Create a page on GoFundMe

Check out the section for “Volunteer & Service,” sign up, and get started using the best resource, the internet. A lot of people have used this method to raise funds to make their dreams come true. You can too!

You just learned some fun and interesting ideas for a fundraising campaign to make your volunteer trip to Jamaica a reality. However, just knowing what to do isn’t going to make your trip happen. The truth is, whatever you put into it is what you will get out. So put your shoulders to the wheel, plan ahead, be creative and fundraise, fundraise, fundraise. Make it a success!

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