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Are you ready for your journey of a lifetime but do not know where to start? Jamaica Volunteer Program’s model combines meaningful work in the communities you’ll be staying plus one day excursions and cultural immersion experiences. We feel you’ll win when you give back, have life changing experiences and get back through immersing in the culture.Your first step is to select a program that’s best for you. To select a program, first think about the skills and life experiences you have. This means you would work with things you are passionate about and because of this you would bring more to each project. Just imagine how this could help change the lives of the people you’ll be working with.


Select from the programs below for all ages


Volunteer Abroad

We offer volunteering projects for teens right up to mature and retired travellers. Our programs are flexible allowing you to volunteer when you can. You do not need any prior experience to volunteer. Just bring a flexible attitude and lots of love.

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Study abroad

Are you looking for study abroad programs that are unique, different and interesting? If you are like most program directors/coordinators you want to make the best program selection for your students. You may want to discover a new culture, accomplish something unforgettable while ensuring you are safe. Jamaica Volunteer Programs’ model includes all of these.

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Intern Abroad

Are you looking to build skills and get experience? An internship in Jamaica may just be what you are looking for.  Interning in Jamaica is not just a journey of distance but a whole cultural immersion. When you think outside the box, do more and go further, you discover more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Boost your resume and increase your employment potential by learning about other people by living with them.

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 Seasonal volunteering

Jamaica Volunteer Programs offer seasonal programs to allow you to volunteer or study at those times of the year when you have your school, college or vacation breaks. These trips are usually a minimum of one week to a maximum of three months. If you are looking for a new way to spend your winter, spring or summer break; why not try doing something that would help others.

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Matured & Retired volunteers

Are you over 50 or retired and looking for opportunities to volunteer alone, with family or friends? Make your senior years a time when you make an impact in the life of others. Forget the resorts for your next vacation and do a little good in the world. With our flexible programs, you can be sure we will find a project to excite you. Now is your chance to meet incredible people, do unbelievable things while helping people in trouble and people in pain.

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Group trips

Have you been looking for an organization to help plan and coordinate your study abroad or volunteer trip? Look no further – Whether you are planning an all –inclusive group trip or a last minute small experience, Jamaica Volunteer Programs will work with you to get started. Because your group is unique, we’ll work with you to get the experiences you are looking for. Why go solo when you can work with our team?

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Family volunteering

You know that service projects and acts of kindness are some of the best ways to teach your family how to grow and mature in the type of persons you want them to become. Do more and go further by volunteering abroad with your family. Discover a new culture and share unforgettable moments

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Just imagine a life changing experience that can be combined with an adventure of a lifetime. When you volunteer abroad with Jamaica Volunteer programs, we offer one day excursions and cultural immersion experiences so you can know Jamaica and see unique spots that only the locals know.

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