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Great Tips & Advice to Help Plan Your Internship Abroad

In this increasingly global world, gaining experiences overseas is becoming more and more important. And an internship abroad presents a unique opportunity for gaining these experiences.

If you have never done an internship or even traveled abroad before, chances are you might not know the first step in getting one.

Don’t worry!

Watch this video on the top 10 tips to prepare to study abroad which offers essential steps to take during the internship abroad planning process.

Tips and Advice for Planning Your Internship Abroad

  • First and foremost, it would be ideal to consult your campus study abroad advisor and start planning and organizing about a year before the intended date.
  • Then decide what field you want to intern in, which country, and for how long. As Emily emphasized in the video, it is crucial to do proper research on the country you will be interning in.
  • When you go overseas, you will likely be exposed to a completely different culture. Be sure to read up on the culture, city, and history of the country and city you’re going to. It will help you avoid a ‘culture shock.’
  • Another critical decision to make is if you want to intern for pay or for free.
  • Your email to a prospective supervisor should include a description of yourself, your idea of the internship, and the role you might play.
  • Moreover, it is essential to mention the reasons for wanting to work in this. 
  • This initial correspondence should be written in the country’s native language, and it is of great advantage to add your CV and any reference letters to the email.

It’s also advisable that you get a doctor check-up before you depart.

It is important to keep in mind that although it will entail numerous advantages, the journey to an internship abroad is long and requires initiative, courage, stamina, trust in yourself, and the people you will contact.

Where to look for Work Experiences Abroad

So, where exactly should you look for the internship?

The answer is simple . . .

If you don’t see a suitable organization that offers programs that fit your internship criteria, then speak to your professors. Ask them for information your faculty might have collected about internships abroad or network with people at conferences.

Good internship programs can be hard to find. Jamaica Volunteer Programs offers internship programs that can fit your internship criteria.

Interning in Jamaica can be a great option. You can gain valuable work experience while immersing in a dynamic culture in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Want to know how you can do an internship in Jamaica? Get in touch with a JVP representative today for more information.

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