Group Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Group volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Are you looking for Group volunteer opportunities abroad? Jamaica Volunteer Programs has it all. If you have five or more volunteers or students travelling together, we can customize your trip and interest to get the experiences you are looking for.

We work with groups of all types: church and mission groups, college students, high school and teens, friends volunteering, sports teams, corporate groups, faculty-led groups and individuals who want to join a group.

Our Group volunteer opportunities are available year- round giving you the flexibility to volunteer when you can. Our program varies in length from one week to several weeks and can be combined with one or more projects.

For college students – Our volunteer trips are perfect for college students in a faculty-led group, those travelling from a club and looking for support and structure, or just friends in a group planning that special trip and need a safe and structured program.

High school students– We love working with high schools and teens for group volunteer project ideas. If you have specific goals or interests and just need our Jamaican network of partners and non- profits, just contact us.

Corporate Groups – We work with corporate organizations to boost the morale of employees by offering volunteer opportunities abroad in Jamaica. It has been proven that corporate volunteer programs boost the productivity of employees.

Christian mission trips groups – Do you have a group of people from your church or religious organization thinking of travelling overseas for mission volunteering? Jamaica Volunteer Programs will use its network of religious organizations to find the perfect match for you.

Individuals who want to be part of a group – If you are an individual looking to volunteer in a group, we can work with you to find the ideal group of like-minded individuals who will all be in your corner helping you to succeed. Just contact us to get the process started.

Make your dream of volunteering with your group a reality and discover the wonders in yourself, and in the world. To begin planning your next big volunteer abroad trip, contact one of our expert Program Advisors today!

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