Health & Hygiene Protocols

For over 17 years, JVP has prioritized the health and safety of our staff, participants, partners, and local community members. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, JVP has created a JVP health and hygiene team to implement new standards of cleanliness, norms, and behaviors that meet or exceed international recommendations to ensure the ongoing safety of JVP’s volunteers/interns, staff and communities around the world. International protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Australia, UK, and the US governments, continue to be monitored. Therefore, our standards are likely to change if and when international standards change.

Enhanced Cleaning at Volunteer Homes

JVP will practice enhanced cleaning and disinfection at our volunteer homes (doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, etc.). Common areas will be consistently and thoroughly cleaned, and rooms will be disinfected before and after new guests arrive and depart. A 24-hour waiting period will be implemented between stays to ensure proper cleaning of the room and washing of laundry. All partners of JVP will follow these enhanced protocols.

Trained Local Staff

All JVP staff has been trained and is knowledgeable on the social distancing and sanitization protocols in Jamaica, as is required by the Government. Our team will advise you on the rules to follow when out in public and the hygienic practices to maintain, including the frequent washing of hands, wearing of face masks, and use of hand sanitizer. The JVP team will also work closely with health authorities in the country to ensure the safest protocols are followed in the case of an emergency.

Improved Sanitisation of Vehicles

JVP will ensure that all motor vehicles used to transport travelers will be consistently and adequately clean, disinfected, and sanitized. Our vehicles will be equipped with hand sanitizers, and drivers will be trained on COVID-19 social distancing practices.

Strict Compliance to Health Protocols

Jamaica Volunteer Programs will only work with our partners who are compliant with and adhering to the health and social distancing protocols and standards as outlined by the relevant authorities.

Social Distancing Practises for Projects

How you volunteer/intern may be adjusted as we resume travel during the COVID-19 period. These adjustments will be made in the best interest of volunteers/interns and our locals and vulnerable groups. JVP will work closely with partners to ensure the safest way to enjoy your experience. This means that itineraries may be altered, protocols and guidelines will be implemented and adhered to at your project locations, and crowds will be avoided, etc. Our team may not recommend some popular tours during this time.

Enforcement of Personal Protection Clothing

All JVP caregivers and cleaners will be required to wear personal protective clothing while conducting their cleaning duties. This will include a face mask, face shield, and apron.


Increase Washing of Laundry

All bed linens, pillows, towels, and curtains, etc. will be washed in water temperature above 60 degrees Celsius. Clean and dirty laundry will be transported separately in closed bags, and a 24-hour waiting period will be implemented between stays to ensure proper cleaning and washing of laundry.

Screening & Monitoring

Upon arrival and daily throughout your stay in Jamaica, your temperature will be taken. Where the volunteer/intern shows an elevated temperature or visible symptoms, it will be documented, and the individual will be moved into a designated isolation room on the property for screening.


Action Plan for Suspected Cases

An individual can be labeled as a suspected case if he/she has come in contact with a COVID positive patient or is showing symptoms of COVID. In such a case, the individual will be isolated in a designated room, and the case will be reported immediately to the local Ministry of Health & Wellness, which will then determine how to proceed.

Smaller Groups

Our team at JVP will ensure that group size is smaller for a better chance of social distancing practices in all aspects of your trips, including transportation, at the volunteer home, at project sites, and on tours. We will also arrange accommodation to ensure no two groups are sharing a dorm room at any given time.


At JVP, volunteers/interns have the option of eating meals at the volunteer home or eating on the road. Where guests choose to eat out, our trained local staff will help to select safe places to do so.

We are always there for you

With JVP, you’ll never be alone. We’ll be there every step of the way, every second of every day, making sure you are safe and well taken care of.


We’re here for you, every step of the way

With JVP, you will receive full support, both pre-departure and in-country. Our team will monitor and share daily updates with you so that you will always be informed about the latest happenings with  COVID-19. And, where there may be unforeseen circumstances, our team will provide the best solutions.

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