How we got started

Our History Is My Story That Has Changed My Life Forever

Are you looking for a new experience? Something so new and different that it will actually change you – or change the way you see the world? If you are – then hear the history of Jamaica Volunteer Programs which is my story that has changed my life forever.

My mother was a housekeeper/cook who worked in a villa in the hills of the resort town San-San Jamaica. She was poor and could not afford supervision for me, her only daughter.
Getting pregnant while I was a teen was her greatest fear, so after school each day she would hide me in the staff quarters at her place of work. Unbeknownst to my mom, I would wander on the beach and talk to the tourists about my beautiful island, Jamaica.

One day I met a couple from Windsor, Canada and started describing some of the scenic spots they could visit. They were so impressed with the love for my country that they decided to help me. They found my mother and offered to sponsor me through high school. They gave me the best education and opened up a new world to me.

Mrs. Evans - pic from brochure

In 2001, I was restless and wanted a new direction for my business and this is when I drew from my life changing experience of getting help from the tourists who came to my community and gave back.

When you come to Jamaica and work through our organization, you could offer a new life changing experience to a little boy or girl just like me – whether you are volunteering, building skills with an internship or studying abroad.

Join us at Jamaica Volunteer Programs and gain the very best “Real Life” education, cultural immersion and adventure and you too could have a story that changes your life forever.

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