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Intern Abroad & Set Yourself Above Your Peers

Experience is everything and no experience is better than that of an intern abroad.

If you’re a student looking for work, you may be dreading the ‘lack of experience’ wall some people run into. Many college graduates complain that they can’t get a job because employers disdain their lack of experience.

You may be wondering how you can become more marketable in a job market that is increasingly becoming more competitive. The answer is – Finding an internship abroad during your summer break.

An internship abroad will grant you crucial international work experience by getting on the ground first-hand knowledge of an industry. It will also open you up to learn new things and push you to your limits.

And there’s more. Internship abroad programs promise memorable experiences while giving you the right skills to set you apart from your peers. It promises you that much-needed edge. It’s the key to securing the job of your dreams by building your skills and bolstering your resume.

In the video below, Paige Rice shares how her summer internship abroad helped her bolster her marketability and develop critical skills for her physical therapy major.

Here’s how an international internship can set you apart from your peers.

Internships Abroad can be a great learning experience

The thought of being away from home for an extended period can be scary. Still, chances are when you get back home, you will become a better person after a life-changing experience, having discovered a new culture and met some wonderful people.

Whether you know the career path you want to choose or are still undecided, interning in Jamaica with the Jamaica Volunteer Programs is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

Ultimately learning about the island’s dynamic culture and people while experiencing its beautiful landscape will likely leave you with unforgettable memories.

Improve marketability

It is critical that students complete at least one internship and preferably several to avoid facing the no experience barrier. This is your answer to the ‘I-have- no-experience’ dilemma when job hunting.

You are probably wondering why you should complete internships overseas.

Spending an extended amount of time in another country will expose you to diversity and multiculturalism, which will help you stand out among other job applicants.

In today’s global world, employers are more likely to employ someone who has lived abroad and knows how to understand people of different cultures. Interning or volunteering abroad will provide this.

In the video, Paige also discussed that job marketability is only one of several benefits of interning abroad.

intern abroad

Become more open-minded

After having a great experience studying abroad, Paige wanted to return to Spain for an internship to learn the Spanish language, develop, and of course, improve her marketability.

One key takeaway from the video is that Paige mentioned that before her internship in Spain, she had a “rigged mind” and wanted to develop an open mind, which she gained plus more. 

You can also accomplish a similar life-changing experience when you intern abroad in Jamaica.

Just imagine enjoying the fantastic tropical climate and beautiful, dynamic culture of Jamaica. What’s better is that you’ll enjoy it while you bolster your marketability and broaden your view of the world.

In Paige’s words, “It is going to be a huge component in who you are – that’s a really powerful thing.”

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