International Service Learning

International Service Learning – An Education Abroad In Jamaica That Lasts A Lifetime


International Service Learning – An Education Abroad In Jamaica That Lasts A Lifetime

Are you planning an International  Service Learning trip and your group trip is organized by a high school, college or university advisor? If you are – why not come to Jamaica?

Jamaica is an exciting place for an education abroad as it offers all the tools you will need to better understand your class topic.When you study subjects that cover real life challenges such as social issues, religion, poverty, history, culture, politics and many more, they will come alive in this island.

Our International Service Learning programs offer students the best of both worlds. You’ll be combining academic learning with service in some of the poorest areas, and exploring the exotic country – Jamaica.

International Service Learning - Rasta Teaching

One of the most exciting discoveries of your trip will be our unique cuisine. You’ll discover Jerk, first introduced by the Arawaks, and later made popular by the Maroons – runaway slaves who lived in the mountains. Jerk is one of the most popular ways of cooking in Jamaica and has become a world-wide favourite, so don’t be surprised when you encounter the word ‘Jerk’ everywhere.

Come discover the tropical paradise that is Jamaica and experience for yourself the sparkling blue Caribbean Sea, waterfalls and the world famous seBlue Mountains.

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Take a look at some of the top reasons for doing an International Service Learning trip:

  • Gain the very best “Real Life” education – Jamaica is a mixture of many races and cultures so when you experience a new way of life, it will change the way you see other cultures, and maybe even change how you live your life
  • Gain hands-on experience – When you give service in a community affected by the issues you’ve been studying, you gain new skills and international experience for today’s global market
  • Social skills and confidence – Develop or enhance your  social skills and self confidence while giving back to a local community
  • Learn more about social issues and their root causes – Bring your school education to life as you work alongside the very people who are affected

Project Info

Project Info

Find the service learning experience that’s right for you with our custom design options:

  • Looking to do a few hours course work on a college/school campus? – We work with you to coordinate the process.
  • Want a program with social issues, history, culture, music and more? – We can design a program for you to learn about your selected topic and then have you work alongside those directly affected by these issues.
  • Want to work on a service project? – Get the opportunity to work together with other students on a service project of your choice. Make a difference as you develop skills and become a leader.
  • Are you looking for field trips or cultural immersion experiences for your course work? – Jamaica Volunteer Programs will find one, or if it is not available we design one so you get the experience you are looking for.

Here are some samples of our top field trips and cultural immersion experiences

  • Social issues – Explore the two major Social issues in Jamaica: poverty and unemployment
  • Poverty – Visit poor communities to see the deterioration in the physical structure and the hopelessness of the youths, especially 17 – 19 ages. Work and play with them for a day and experience firsthand how these issues affect them
  • Study two of Jamaica’s top religions – Christianity and Rastafarianism (religion of the famous Reggae icon, Bob Marley). Visit churches or attend presentations
  • History and culture – Jamaica’s Maroons were runaway slaves who lived in the mountains and who fought the British soldiers. Learn about their history and culture. Be a Maroon for a day and immerse yourself in their way of life
  • Jamaica major exports, Coffee – Travel to the famous Blue Mountains and spend a day getting lectures on the history of coffee, visit the fields where they grow and see the entire production process. Taste freshly brewed coffee
  • Sugar production – Visit a cane field and see how sugar is grown, harvested and
  • Study Jamaica’s foods – Visit the market and buy fresh foods, meet the vendors who are mainly women and called ‘higglers’. Learn to cook the world famous ‘Jerk’ and other dishes
  • Study the beach foods – Get lectures on the popular beach foods and how they provide employment, and then sample them as you swim and have a day of fun.

Project days & times:

Our projects are usually run Monday – Friday with flexible times. On some afternoons and weekends our organization offers day excursions and cultural immersion experiences. Our goal is not to only offer you volunteering but help you immerse in the local culture.

Duration of this project

Our global study service learning programs can run for a minimum of one week or we can be customized to your request.

How this program works?

On your arrival at our accommodation you will be given an orientation. During the orientation you’ll be told what to expect the following day and the times of departure.


On your first day and every day of your project we will provide transportation. You will be transported as part of your group.

What to expect on the first day of your project

On the first day and every day of your project, our experience coordinators will follow the detailed itinerary that was prepared. We will always be there to assist you in achieving your goals and provide support and guidance.

Free Times in the afternoons:

Most evenings you’ll go back to your accommodation to hang out and plan for the next day, but we continually look for eye-opening cultural activities for you to do in your free time. Because of this we sometime offer you opportunities to attend local events in the afternoons.

Start Dates

Start Dates

Our Student Service Learning projects are available all year- round allowing you to take part when you can, so on your application you’ll indicate your start and end dates.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started


Study Abroad / Service Learning Questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire to tell us what you want to do on your Study Abroad/Service Learning trip. Once this data is received we will send you a draft itinerary and quote.

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Name of volunteer: Anniken Sjavik

Type of project: Medical Volunteer

Country: Norway

We Have Gained Practical Skills

Through participating in health fairs, visiting different clinics and meeting patients we have gained practical skills and learned about the challenges that Jamaica is facing. We are happy about our placement.

Anniken Sjavik

Anniken Sjavik
Anniken on the job


Name of volunteer: Faith Mbarathi

Type of project: Psychology Internship

Country: Dallas, TX America

I Cannot Imagine A Better Way To Have Spent This Past Month Of My Life

The experience I had at Jamaica Volunteer Program was both life giving and adventurous. On the weekdays I was able to enjoy growing in my understanding of mental health while on the weekend explore the beauty Jamaica has to offer.

I cannot imagine a better way to have spent this past month of my life and anticipate to do it all over again in the near future. Grateful to have met the wonderful people of this country and hope I gave even half of the inspiration and love as they gave me.

Faith on the job

Name of volunteer: Aleksandra Stawinska

Type of project: Psychology Internship

Country: Poland

My psychology internship allowed me to gain working experience

I was doing psychology internship. I am a third year psychology student and this project allowed me to gain some working experience. I really enjoyed that.
The most memorable part of my experience was the conversations with the patients. This patient did not talk to anyone else before about her problems, so it was a very important event for both of us.
The accommodation was good and the housekeeper was excellent. My room was cleaned everyday and the food was really nice.
I went to the beach twice, Glistening Waters and Montego Bay, Bob Marley’s Museum and Also the Dunn’s River Falls. I enjoyed Glistening Waters the most.
The staff was very supportive. They picked us up on time from our project and ensured that we were kept safe at all times. I felt very safe.
I think I was able to help a lot of the clients, as they really needed attention and someone one to spend time with.
I would recommend this project because it was a nice experience for me. I enjoyed helping the clients and getting to know them. I am happy that I could explore a new cuture.

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