Travel Insurance

At Jamaica Volunteer Programs, travel insurance is a must!  It’s necessary for keeping with our policy: Safety is our #1 priority. And so all our travelers are required to have travel insurance before arriving in Jamaica.

We have partnered with World Nomads to provide our travelers with comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage. World Nomads insurance premiums are very low but cover everything you require for a trip to Jamaica. 

This insurance policy can be used for travel before, after, and during your trip. World Nomads is highly regarded as a travel expert and used by many companies such as Lonely Planet.

This insurance covers medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, personal belongings, and personal liability. Best of all, every traveler on the program who chooses to take an insurance policy with World Nomads will have free access to their exclusive Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team.

But remember, travel insurance doesn’t cover everything, and different travel insurance plans will have varying limits, conditions, and exclusions. It’s essential to read the fine print and know your policy.

What do you need coverage for?

Medical emergencies while traveling

Lost or damaged luggage

Travel complications, such as flight cancellations

Stolen passport and other essential travel documents

Trip interruption

Other unforeseen events

How do you get travel insurance?

  1. Fill out this World Nomads Form for a quote. 

2. After you have submitted your information, you’ll see the plans for which you’re eligible.

3. Read through the plans and decide what’s best for you.

4. Add any optional coverage (if available), particularly if you want coverage for a specific activity or valuable items.

Alternative Travel Insurance

Be sure to check if World Nomads offers travel insurance for your age group and your country. If not, then talk to a Jamaica Volunteer Programs representative about alternative travel insurance options.

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