Internships for Tourism Students

Feed your wanderlust, combine travel, and work while developing practical skills with an internship for tourism students opportunity in Jamaica. If you are studying hospitality and tourism or enrolling in a hotel management course, this project is just for you.

Gain invaluable work skills while discovering a new culture. Jamaica is renowned for tourism as hospitality is one of the top industries on the island. It is as the locals say ‘the bread and butter’ (way to earn a living) of many Jamaican people. The country is also a top Caribbean destination among travelers.

On your hospitality and tourism internship, you’ll have the chance to get mentorship with local hotels, other accommodations, and work at some of the most popular and mesmerizing attractions across the island. 

You’ll also get to build and hone your hospitality skills in a hands-on, face-to-face, immersive experience that facilitates cross-cultural exchange like no other.

Internship for tourism students project is available for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of twelve. Also, your experience and qualifications will determine the duties, and the type of mentorship offered.

As a tourism and hospitality intern, you’ll have the chance to build your skills in several segments of the market. Some of your duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Booking assistance
  • Tour Guide services at popular attractions
  • Providing customer care and service
  • Organizational activities
  • Marketing activities
  • Basic daily administration 

Our internship programs are based on the outskirts of Kingston. Intern placements are within 15 to 30 minutes from Volunteer Home / Youth Hostel. The programs are also within close proximity to village shops, schools, and churches.

  • Travel to Jamaica with Restrictions
  • Complete mandatory travel authorization forms
  • Proof of Covid Testing results 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Mandatory Mask wearing in public
  • Health screening & assessment on arrival

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Interns will arrive at the Norman Manley International Airport and our representative will meet you on arrival

A Jamaica Volunteer Programs coordinator will conduct orientation on the morning of the day the project starts. During this first meeting, you will be introduced to local staff who will take care of you and go over the details of your project placement. Your orientation will include popular Jamaican customs & culture, safety, weekend and free time travel options, and guidelines and expectations.

During your orientation, you will also be briefed on information about all the Covid-19 protocols, options for local transportation, currency, and other support services you will require during your stay.

Our accommodations are dormitory-style youth hostels. Rooms are equipped with fans, but there is the option to pay US$5 per day for air conditioning.

All accommodations have electricity, running water, western-style bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. You are required to bring your reusable water bottle to refill each day, which will help to reduce your cost for clean drinking water. You are also required to bring toiletries.

For the safety of interns and consideration of other roommates, we provide curfews hours on weekdays starting at 11:00 pm and on weekends at 1:00 am.

At JVP, we offer a basic daily breakfast in your package. The menu includes toast, eggs, fruits, tea/coffee, and juice. Two days per week, you’ll have a full Jamaica breakfast. There is a communal kitchen at the youth hostel, which consists of a gas stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

Your package also includes daily dinner.

At JVP, we cater to all diets, including vegetarians and vegans. To request meals for your special diet, discuss with your project coordinator.

Tourism and hospitality is a 24/7 sector, which means that people are always working around the clock. Because of this, your schedule will be based on shifts and your assigned role.

However, a typical weekday will look something like this: 

6:30 – 7:30: Breakfast

8:00: Depart for internship work

 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Start working at your project placement. You may be working as a tour guide at a popular destination or working closely with a hotel, villa, or guest house operator. Shadow your mentor and engage in your hospitality duties and responsibilities.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

At noon, there will be a break for lunch. This can be flexible and not necessarily taken at this time.

 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Return to work at your placement.



For the best experience, our interns are required to be 18 and older, are encouraged to be flexible and open-minded. Creativity, initiative, and a sense of humor are also invaluable assets. Interns also need to submit important documentation such as travel health insurance, trip cancellation, a resume/CV, a copy of your passport front page, and a criminal background check not older than six months.

You can spend your afternoons and weekends however you’d like, whether it be hanging out with other interns, working online, or exploring Jamaica through adventure. At JVP, our representatives are always looking out for eye-opening cultural activities we know you’ll enjoy. Some afternoons you’ll even have the option to attend a local event. It’s your choice!

Here are some options:

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