Internships in Psychology Abroad – Learn, Help, Grow & Explore

Internships in Psychology Abroad – Learn, Help, Grow & Explore

If you are compassionate about life and believe in bringing positive changes in people around you, then an internship abroad is a good training ground for a career in psychology.  As you may know, Psychology is a truly universal discipline which can start you off on a promising career path anywhere in the world.

What better way to broaden your perspective of Psychology than branching out and gaining practical experience in a cultural environment which differs entirely from your own.

Therefore doing an internship abroad in Psychology will not only enhance your career prospects by providing you with invaluable international work experience, but it will deepen your understanding of the field. The experience will also give you an opportunity to discover or broaden your understanding of yourself.

Psychology is essentially the study of human beings – how we develop, think, and act in different circumstances and scenarios. The goal of this social science is to investigate the root cause of certain behaviours and try to establish a scientific treatment to deal with any abnormalities.

Gain Impactful Insight from Patient Interaction

Chelsea with patient at FerdiesHouse

Chelsea (left) interacts with a patient at the Ferdie’s House Rehabilitation Centre in Kingston, Jamaica during her internship courtesy of Jamaica Volunteer Programs’ Internships in Psychology program.

Internships in Psychology with the Jamaica Volunteer Programs will provide real-world situations where interns get to learn and test their skills from treating actual patients.

This not only will provide you with an opportunity to do hands-on work but also to interact directly with patients and help make a difference in their lives.

In the video Chelsea Fitzhugh explained how interning at Ferdie’s House – a Rehabilitation Centre located in Kingston Jamaica, help her to meet her objectives. Chelsea mentioned how directly interacting with patients with different types of issues such as drug addiction, mental and developmental disorders, had a significant impact on her.

Her main objectives for interning in Jamaica was to “learn new things” and get exposed to different people and situations she has never experienced before.

The group environment at Ferdie’s allowed Chelsea to gain insight from the different personalities of the patients she interacted with, which can prove critical as she pursues a career in psychology.

Combine Meaningful Work with Thrilling Cultural Immersion

When you intern with Jamaica Volunteer Programs, you’ll get experience, networking opportunities and discover an exotic Island.

What makes our internships in Psychology program a great option is the combination of an impactful program, accommodation with warm & friendly people and opportunities to immerse in the amazing culture.

Chelsea was happy to mention how the Jamaica Volunteer Programs’ homestay accommodation gave her a ‘home away from home’ feeling where she got to meet and interact with the hosts and other volunteers.

She was particularly thrilled with how the various cultural immersion trips gave her opportunities to see the beauty and wonders of Jamaica.

Are you looking to gain critical hands-on experience that can help you on your way to a career in Psychology? Combine this with learning about a dynamic culture, meeting interesting people, while discovering the wonders of Jamaica.

Learn more about this awesome combination by clicking the link below:

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