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Experience a Kingston Highlights tour and see the other side of Jamaica. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and the cultural center of the Caribbean. On your trip to Jamaica, it is a great idea to include exploring Kingston with all its cultural centers and diversity.

And with your personal guide who’ll be like a friend, start your tour at the University of the West Indies and see living history as you tour the campus that was originally part of the Mona Sugar Estate.

 Also, as you tour the campus, you’ll sometimes feel like you’re stepping back in the past. You’ll see the aqueducts, machinery, and other reminders of the agricultural past still standing.

As you leave the campus, go further, and drive a few miles to Half Way Tree. You’ll find the central hub of the capital, Kingston, founded in 1692 after an earthquake devastated Port Royal, the first capital. 

Half Way Tree is a popular spot for shoppers who want a more sophisticated shopping experience. There are several plazas and malls – Some of these are, Twin Gates, Mall Plaza, Tropical Plaza, Kings Plaza, Lane Plaza, and the Pavilion Mall.

 As you leave Half Way tree, continue to Downtown Kingston and explore Kingston’s picturesque waterfront. While Kingston has many historic buildings and some hugely expensive new ones, it also has appalling slums, especially in western Kingston.

 After leaving downtown, travel to the heart of the city, now known as  New Kingston. There you’ll find huge hotels, banks, and insurance companies.

Once the commercial activity of the day dies down, the night becomes a beehive of action, as the many Night Spots in New Kingston’s Hip Strip come alive.

Wherever you are in Jamaica, you just have to experience the island’s vibrant capital.


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