Volunteer in Kingston, Jamaica — “The heartbeat of the island.” The bustling town is a composition of history, culture, and landscape, which sets the scene for the perfect place to experience real, local City lifestyle while traveling. Kingston bustles with the vibrancy of city life – people, nightlife, noise, and traffic – a direct contrast from the laid-back north coast resort towns and remote areas. This location is Bob Marley’s town, so you’ll quickly discover the spirit of ‘One Love’. It’s also home to the most extensive botanical gardens in the Caribbean — Hope Gardens — and was once home to the island’s very own Pirate city.

But there’s much more to Kingston, Jamaica. Because beyond all the development and entertainment, sections of the city will have you feeling disheartened as a large number of individuals are living in impoverishment. Many Kingstonians struggle with poverty, unemployment, access to quality education, and healthcare. 

By choosing to stay in Kingston, you will have the rewarding chance to change the lives of local people while immersing in a culture so unique, varied, and full of life.

Kingston Quick Facts

  • In 1703 the city became the commercial capital
  • Known as the Creative City of Music
  • A seventh-largest natural harbor in the world.

Program Highlights

  • Childcare volunteering  is our top program
  • Kindergarten, daycare and Children’s Homes most popular
  • Proximity to village shops and restaurants

Weekend Travel Options in Kingston

Kingston is the city of Jamaica. It’s the hub of reggae music, culture, fashion, or the arts. The bustling town is a composition of history, culture, and landscape that provides for perfect adventures on your weekends in Jamaica.


Kingston Highlights Tours

Tour the cultural capital of Jamaica, Kingston, and fully immerse in the lifestyles of locals. Visit the University of the West Indies, one of the island’s top universities, which was once part of the Mona Sugar Estate. Stop at the historic Devon House and explore the 19th-century Georgian style home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire.

 Here you’ll enjoy lunch and sample the world-famous, “I SCREAM.” You’ll then discover Half Way Tree, a favorite spot for shoppers who want a more sophisticated shopping experience. Finally, you’ll finish your local immersion experience in Downtown, where you’ll see Kingston’s picturesque waterfront

Portland Highlights Tour

Kingston might be rich in culture, but Portland is rich in beauty, you’ll have the chance to see it for yourself. One of the most peaceful yet exciting things to do is drive to Portland. You’ll enjoy the breath-taking scenery and mesmerizing views as you travel to the parish with natural beauty like no other.

First up is the Blue Lagoon, which is a combination of blue and beauty. Take a boat out and discover for yourself why the lagoon is known for its bewitching nature. Next up is the Boston Beach, the ideal place to surf. Sink your toes in the sand, bask in the tropical sun or go swimming in the cool refreshing waters. But don’t miss out on an authentic jerk experience that can’t be contested anywhere else in the world. After all, Boston Beach is the home of Jerk!

Blue Mountain Highlights Tours

If you’re looking for a trip of a lifetime and memorable experiences, combine your volunteering/internship with a tour of the Blue Mountain. Your exhilarating journey will start with the ride up the rugged terrain of the mountain. As the vehicle climbs the winding road in a snake-like crawl, you’ll see this spectacular country as you have never seen before. 

 Visit New Castle, where the soldiers train before exploring Creighton Estate, home to a coffee farm. Savor a fresh cup of coffee and learn about the process of making coffee. Enjoy panoramic views of the mountain and discover flora and fauna endemic to Jamaica. 

Bob Marley Museum Tour 

Walk in the footsteps of the legendary superstar Bob Marley and tour his home filled with memories and treasured preservations of his life and accomplishments. See where the Reggae icon lived and worked as you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Bob! 

Along the journey, enjoy a stop at the popular Devon House. Tour the famous mansion and discover one of the world’s best ice cream. 


Popular Programs in Kingston



Indulge in an authentic Jamaican experience as you work with local teachers, caregivers, and most importantly, the children.

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teaching volunteer


Volunteer as a teacher in Jamaica in a whole new way as you gain invaluable life experiences by adapting to a new culture.

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healthcare internship abroad

Medical & Healthcare

There is a high demand for 'free' health care in Jamaica. As a medical intern, you'll have several opportunities to make an impact and build skills.

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