Negril: A Gem of Jamaica

Nestled along Jamaica’s coast, Negril is a town that marries tranquility with adventure. Beginning as a fishing village, it has evolved into a sought-after destination where visitors enjoy both the serenity of its pristine beaches and the thrill of cliff-jumping into Caribbean waters

The Seven Mile Beach offers relaxation, while coral gardens beckon divers and snorkelers to explore underwater mysteries. Negril’s heartbeat resonates in reggae rhythms and cultural unity, painting a vivid backdrop to its vibrant nightlife.

Living in Negril lets you do more than just have fun. You can also volunteer, learn, or work there. The town is surrounded by lush tropical nature, friendly people, and lots of unique plants and animals.

But like many other places, Negril has some challenges. People there might not have enough jobs, and some find it hard to get a good education. By choosing Negril for your volunteer experience, you can help protect its environment and support its people for a long time.

So, Negril is not just a town; it’s a place where you can have amazing experiences and make a real difference.

Program Highlights

  • Teaching, Childcare, and Conservation most popular
  • Chance to experience a volunteer vacation 

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