Our Guiding Principles For Travel with a Purpose

Our organization provides opportunities for socially-minded travelers to make an impact on global communities. To do this, we partner with local experts, local organizations, and NGOs. Our guiding principles provide a path for us to all work together. See below some of the principles that guide our everyday decisions.

We offer meaningful & sustainable projects

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students and other travelers to make an impact with meaningful and sustainable projects, immerse in a new culture and get ‘real-life education’ through hands-on work. 

Make an impact in local communities:

Our staff, students, and travelers seek out local leaders and identify challenges and problems. Together they come up with possible solutions and work alongside these community members to implement the solutions.

Responsible Leadership for sustainable development:

After identifying meaningful projects in communities, Jamaica Volunteer Programs provide continuous support by monitoring and accessing progress. To make these projects viable, we provide volunteers continuously and teach each person about the short, mid, and long term objectives of the project and how her help will make the long term goals achievable.

Offer cultural immersion opportunities:

Our programs provide opportunities for culturally-minded travelers to offer a two-way cross-cultural exchange, so travelers learn from local people, and in return, they pass on their culture.

We provide cultural experiences to allow travelers to be active participants of the culture by living in local communities, eating authentic foods, and playing side by side with people.

Provide safety & support:

Our mission is to keep volunteers and travelers safe and be supportive. We take this responsibility so seriously that we perform background checks on staff and continuously offer safety training. At all our locations, a JVP Representative is assigned and available for 24/7 emergencies and logistics.

Risk assessment on projects:

When selecting a program, we carry out a risk assessment on every aspect of the project. The accommodation and location must be safe and meet all safety standards. We make sure they are close to major hospitals and health centers for medical emergencies.

Our organization knows how vital transportation is to safety, so to reduce risks, we offer in house transportation, but also work with other transportation partners who must be licensed, experienced, drivers and have comprehensive public liability coverage. For quick access to the best medical services available, travel insurance is also a requirement for all participants on our programs, and Trip Cancellation is strongly encouraged.

Real Life education outcomes

 Our goal is to help each traveler and participant in our programs make a positive impact on the projects, people, and communities they support. And when they return home to be challenged and inspired to continue being a global citizen making positive change.

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