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Psychology Internships Abroad – A Giant Step Closer in Your Career

Are you a recent graduate or medical student in training seeking a competitive advantage over your peers in psychology? Are you looking to give back by doing meaningful work?

Gain a sense of pride and accomplishment by helping people with mental or developmental disorders. A psychology internship abroad will provide you with opportunities to build skills and gain career experience.

In this increasingly global world, gaining work experience overseas can be a massive advantage. But most importantly, internships abroad present a unique opportunity for you to gain insight into the medical world.

The importance of Hands-on Experience in Psychology

An essential factor in getting the edge over your peers will be your ability to demonstrate that you have substantial relevant work experience.

Psychology Internships in Jamaica with the Jamaica Volunteer Programs will provide you with many opportunities to build the skills and get the experience you need to develop and grow.

Our Psychology Internships placements are suitable for student doctors, graduates, and pre-med students. Our programs will allow you to see things from different perspectives and give you the chance to meet like-minded people.

Build Skills and Friendships

Dervin with some of the patients at Ferdie’s House Rehabilitation Centre in Kingston, Jamaica, during his Psychology Internships with the Jamaica Volunteer Programs.

Dervin Cunningham recently graduated from the University of Georgia and started his psychology training at Yale School of Medicine.

In the video, Dervin explained how interning at Ferdie’s House – a Rehabilitation Centre located in Kingston, Jamaica, allowed him to meet interesting people with mental disorders. Examples of these are autism, bipolar disorder, and different types of schizophrenias.

He also mentioned how forming bonds and being there for patients were the most impactful things during his internship.

He explained that having the opportunity to meet and interact with these fascinating people gave him the chance to make a difference in their lives.

Embrace Challenges

Our international psychology internships will take you out of the classroom and into the world where your skills are tested. Even more, in the process, it will create new opportunities for you to help where the need exists.

Dervin alluded to challenges he had to face daily at Ferdie’s House, where he interned. He saw this as a testimony to how working in group homes and clinics with people with mental disorders in Jamaica can be incredibly challenging. Many of these facilities are understaffed and have inadequate resources.

So his experience taught him how challenging the medical field is. That is to say, it demands flexibility and adaptability. And so, his internship opened his eyes.

But Devin’s internship was not all work as he got a chance on week-ends to participate in cultural immersion trips. As he lived like a local, he got opportunities to immerse in the dynamic Jamaican culture and enjoy the beautiful scenery and attractions.

So if you are looking for an opportunity abroad to do an internship where you gain skills, experience, and sample a new culture, Jamaica is the perfect place to have it all. Go here now to learn more.

Are you thinking of doing an internship abroad? Get this guide and prepare for your overseas training in its three phases: Before, During, and After.

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