Safety 8 Protocol

At Jamaica Volunteer Programs, we take safety very seriously. In fact, it’s one of the primary foundations of our entire organization. We want you, your friends, family, your students, or your group to rest assured we’ve got you covered from head to toe. So we’ve spelled out our safety steps. We call it our “Safety-8”.

1. Accomodation

We conduct stringent risk assessments to ensure all our accommodations meet and exceed safety requirements. Do they have the appropriate number of fire extinguishers? Where is the closest medical facility? It’s only with our seal of approval that our lodgings become accessible to our volunteers. For students and groups, the rooms are gender-segregated.

2. Transportation

Our volunteers are transported in registered and approved vehicles driven by licensed, experienced drivers. Your transportation safety is always our concern, and we consistently monitor and track our volunteers every step of the way until departure. 

3. Health Meals & Drinking Water

We love to prepare delicious, authentic Jamaican food for you to taste the different flavors of the island. But at JVP, we give our volunteers all options, and so we provide a selection of Western-style dishes if your taste buds require something from home. We also cater to vegetarians, celiacs, gluten-free diets, and a whole host of dietary requirements for our volunteers in Jamaica.


Water in Jamaica is safe to drink and use. However, our volunteers have access to a water dispenser at all of our project sites and group home-base accommodations.


4. Public Liability & Travel Insurance

Our organization holds comprehensive public Liability Insurance coverage for our programs. Travel & Medical insurance is required when volunteering through our programs. It is strongly recommended that trip cancellation & Interruption are included as part of your insurance coverage. We want you to feel secure during your trip to Jamaica, and so aside from all our precautionary measures to ensure volunteer safety, travel insurance functions as a further safety measure.

5. Supervision

Our volunteers are never left alone! A Jamaica Volunteer Programs Project coordinator is assigned to all Program Locations. At all times, you will be in the presence of someone you can trust.

6. Local Knowledge

We’re here 24/7, in-country, to guide our volunteers every step of the way. Our carefully hand-picked in-country support team will be your helping hand every step of the way. 


We continually monitor and assess all our volunteer projects to ensure they are running effectively and are receiving the maximum benefit from volunteers.


We also make sure the location of the volunteer project is in a safe and secure area, and in close proximity to our accommodations. Monitoring and assessing our volunteer projects are an ongoing process to ensure they are sustainable and have a positive impact on the community.

8. On Call

At Jamaica Volunteer Programs, we provide 24/7 support and have available an emergency hotline. If there’s an emergency and you need to get in touch with us call +1876-969-4148.


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