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Spring Break Ideas To Know Before You Volunteer Abroad

Are you looking for spring break ideas and wondering what to do or where to go? One of the greatest challenges facing college and high school students in coming up with ideas for how to spend their break is lack of information.

Spring break is the week when many students head abroad to break away from friends, family, and tradition. Many want to go to the beach, drink lots of alcohol, and get drunk, while others are desperately seeking to make a difference and do something meaningful with their lives. Thus, islands like Jamaica, long known as an exotic spring break destination, are gaining rapid popularity for students looking for alternative ways to spend spring.

Spring break

What are some things you can do in Jamaica on your spring break?

Service Learning Projects

Are you looking to take learning from the classroom into the fields during your spring break? If you want to find opportunities to combine giving back to a local community and learning through educational tours, service learning would be a good project for you.

Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with children is one of the most popular ways to touch and feel Jamaica on your spring break. So if you love working with children and want to make a difference, include working at a childcare facility on your itinerary.

Spring Break Teacher Volunteer

The heart of most communities in Jamaica is the school. When volunteering at a school, you’ll learn the culture fast while helping to make a difference.

Sports Coaching

Track is like a bride in Jamaica, while other sports are the bridesmaid. So every child on this island secretly dreams of being a sports star in this land where Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce are the track’s King and Queen. Whatever the sports of your choice, you’ll find a way to share it on this island where there is a soccer field around every corner.

Immerse in the culture

Do you often dream of learning a new culture? Volunteering in Jamaica during spring and living in a local community is the surest way to really immerse in the culture. One of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets is traveling to the eastern parts of the island, where you’ll see how the rich and the famous experience the ‘real Jamaica’.

Spring Break Adventure & Excursions

Jamaica is the land of the blue Caribbean Sea and waterfalls galore. If you are looking for sun, sea, and fun during your spring break, look no further than this fantastic island. When Christopher Columbus landed here, he said it was the fairest of them all.

spring break

It can often be confusing and overwhelming to find creative and exciting projects for your trip abroad. But with these spring break ideas, you can break away and experience a week that will change your life forever.

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