Study Abroad Programs – Student Groups

Study Abroad Programs - Student Groups


Study Abroad Programs – Student Groups

Are you a faculty advisor or group leader looking for global learning programs that are new, unique, different and interesting? Maybe you are a college student leader looking to increase your understanding of a class topic or grow your knowledge of diverse cultures and communities?

Whoever you are, Jamaica Volunteer Programs will allow you to discover a new culture and accomplish something unforgettable, and ensure you remain safe and secure every step of the way!Just imagine it – in a few months or weeks from now, you could be living your dream of studying abroad.Just picture the crystal clear beaches you’ll be swimming in, the famous rivers and waterfalls you’ll explore, the incredible sightseeing, and new friendships. These, my friend, are what studying abroad in Jamaica is all about.

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Here are some more reasons we may be the perfect fit for you:

  • Language: Jamaica is an English speaking country with a very colourful dialect called ‘Patois’ – a blend of West African, Spanish and English words. If you are looking to study in a place where English is the official language but want the excitement of learning a local dialect, then Jamaica is the place for you.
  • Flexible travel times: Looking for a program in the fall, winter, summer or any other school break you may have?  Our programs are available all year round – to give you the flexibility to start when you want.
  • Living like a local: We give you the opportunity to live like a local so you can touch, feel and experience the ‘Real’ Jamaica. 
  • What type of weather are you looking for? Jamaica has sunshine all year round and offers a haven for students looking for a warm climate to study, particularly during the winter months.
  • Food and culture: Many cultures and races make up Jamaica – and nowhere is it better reflected than in the delicious foods you’ll eat.
  • Accommodation: We offer living in a volunteer home with dorms and private rooms. Here you’ll be able to experience the Jamaican culture first-hand.
  • Combine programs: We offer the flexibility to combine academic programs at local universities, cultural immersion experiences, and field trips.
  • Learn the Jamaican culture fast: You’ll always be surrounded by caring team members and local friends, so be prepared to hear stories and secrets of the island that you’ll never find in a guide book.
  • Support: We work with you to build your itinerary and provide 24/7 support when you arrive in Jamaica.

Project Info

Project Info

Options available to design your study abroad program:

  • If you are looking to do international education course work, we can conduct an extensive search to get the ideal program
  • Looking to use local lecturers along with your own? We work with you to coordinate the process
  • Want projects with community partners to give back, build skills and get experience? We make it happen
  • Are you looking for field trips or cultural immersion experiences for your course work? Jamaica Volunteer Programs will find one, or if it is not available we design one so you get the experience you are looking for

We work with the following courses:

  • Communication – radio, television, public relations, journalism, linguistics, or any other field related to communication
  • Art programs – creative writing, music, theatre, painting, photography, or any other form of art
  • Health and Social Work programs –  health, social, or cultural sciences and other forms
  • Science programs – biology, chemistry, math, computer sciences or related subjects
  • Humanities programs – anthropology, mass media, criminal justice, education, geography, history, or any other field related to humanities
  • Others – If you are doing a course and have a special request, we will do an extensive search and find a match if possible

Project days & times:

 Our projects are usually run Monday – Friday with flexible times. On some afternoons and weekends our organization offers day excursions and cultural immersion experiences. Our goal is not to only offer you volunteering but help you immerse in the local culture.

 Duration of this project

Our global study service learning programs can run for a minimum of one week or we can customize a timeframe to suit your needs.

How this program works?

 On your arrival at our accommodation you will be given an orientation. During the orientation you’ll be told what to expect the following day and the times of departure.


 On your first day and every day of your project we will provide transportation. You will be transported as a group.

 What to expect on the first day of your project

 On the first day and every day of your project, our experienced coordinators will follow the detailed itinerary that was prepared. We will always be there to assist you in achieving your goals and provide support and guidance.

Free Times in the afternoons:

 Most evenings you’ll go back to your accommodation to hang out and plan for the next day, but we continually look for eye-opening cultural activities for you to do in your free time. Because of this we sometime offer you opportunities to attend local events in the afternoons.

Start Dates

 Start Dates

Our short term study abroad projects are available all year- round allowing you to take part when you can, so on your application you’ll indicate your start and end dates.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started


Study Abroad / Service Learning Questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire to tell us what you want to do on your Study Abroad/Service Learning trip. Once this data is received we will send you a draft itinerary and quote.

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