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Jamaica is known for white sandy beaches, mountains as if they touch the sky and beautiful Flora and Fauna but now known for Study Abroad programs, and is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Caribbean.

Take learning outside the classroom, and bring your subject to life as you learn about the culture and discover why Jamaica’s motto is ‘Out of many one people.’ 

Study Abroad Program Type

Our organization offers three broad categories of Study Abroad programs; they are Faculty-Led trips, International Service Learning, and Internships.

JVP study abroad programs are usually offered to students in a university, college, or high school, short-term, and can vary from 1 – 4 weeks. These are typically Faculty-Led and mostly occur in the winter, spring,  or summer semesters. Some of these trips are non-credit programs, while others offer credit by the home university.

Faculty-Led Trips

Programs offered to schools by Jamaica Volunteer Programs are customized and led by a Faculty member. Because staff member accompanies students, the name used is Faculty-Led.

Internships Abroad

Internships are part of a study abroad where students get hands-on training and mentoring. Learning takes place outside the classroom, plus the student gets the opportunity to build a global network. JVP offers customized internship placement, includes housing, optional dinners, and the chance to immerse in a new culture.

International Service learning

Another Study Abroad option is International Service learning. As the name suggests, meaningful service work and a learning component are combined. JVP offers these programs to mainly high schools and universities.

A significant component of our program is the cultural immersion opportunities where students live in local communities and see up close the lifestyle.

Included in the learning component are research opportunities, site visits, lectures, journaling, and workshops.

How JVP Supports your Study Abroad

Our organization is a  program provider for Study Abroad programs and works alongside group leaders, professors, lecturers, and teachers. We will customize your itinerary based on the trip’s goals and objectives and offer an inclusive experience.

Our program includes flights, accommodation, all ground transportation, meals, guided tours, cultural immersion activities, insurance, dedicated tour coordinator, continuous support, and safety and security protocols. We try to think of everything, and if we forgot anything significant to you, just let us know.

Are you considering studying abroad, and looking for a new and exciting destination? Check out the Study Abroad options below and contact us to get started on your global education journey.

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