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Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance

Are you thinking of travelling internationally to volunteer, intern or study abroad? You are excited, dreaming of the amazing places you’ll see, new friends to meet, skills and experiences you’ll build.

Travelling abroad can be exciting and life changing, but if you get sick and don’t have travel medical insurance your trip can become frightening or even life threatening. When leaving your home country to travel overseas your fist question should not be ‘Do I Need Travel Insurance?’But where should I buy my coverage and what type do I need.

Emergencies can happen while you are travelling overseas and without proper medical insurance you could get stranded thousands of miles from home without access to the best hospitals, doctors or nursing care you need or deserve.

A first class medical insurance policy can get you airlifted to first world hospitals, give you access to the best labs and testing facilities to get the correct diagnosis of your illness. Without proper coverage you could be left with thousands of dollars of medical expenses after your trip or worse treated for the wrong illness.

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Here is a dramatic story that I’ll probably remember as long as I live

A Day I’ll Never Forget

My name is Maureen Wright-Evans, the owner of Jamaica Volunteer Programs. One day my husband and I guided a group of international students on a tour that would change our lives forever.

My husband who is a diabetic hiked for over an hour high in the hills of Jamaica. He was excited and did not remember to pack snacks to munch on to keep his blood sugar stable. He was feeling tired and sluggish but did not inform us. We had just reached the ruins of a Coffee Plantation when he stepped from one rock to another and picked up a skid.

It happened so fast! In one split second he was high in the air and then on the ground. He was knocked almost unconscious to the ground. To make matters worse we were deep in the hills with no access to transportation.

We knew we had to get very creative to take him down the mountain and so we made a stretcher out of sticks. With the help of the strongest men available, we started our long trek to get him back to the main. We needed to have him airlifted out of the mountains but with no insurance coverage for this or cash to cover this immediately, we had no option but to further risk his life by going on foot.

Now I can answer the question ‘How important is travel insurance’ and understand what medical evacuation means and why it is important to have proper medical coverage at home or when travelling overseas.

It is a requirement that all travellers travelling to Jamaica through Jamaica Volunteer Programs are covered by vacation insurance and have a comprehensive travel policy. Because of this, we have partnered with International Medical Group to provide the most affordable plans and best services.

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Why International Medical Group?

  • A company with travel insurance services of over 20 years
  • World class service to the international market
  • Low insurance premiums but high benefits
  • They understand the intricacies of the international health market
  • A team of highly trained physicians and nurses available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide help when needed
  • They work in multiple time zones and the staff can communicate in any language
  • Offers the financial security and reputation demanded by international customers. They back up what they promise

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