Group Travel

Whether you are traveling for small or large group travel tours, for volunteering, studying abroad, mission work, youth focus, or corporate team building, we can offer customized packages to match your group travel goals and objectives.

Our group trips work closely with communities on sustainable projects aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, to make the most significant impact on your group trips, we teach you about the different goals we have developed. 

Besides, we aim to educate your group on local-global issues. Even more, we help your group contribute to the organizations’ mission to empower the lives of the people in marginalized communities.

Also, we partner with academic institutions offering customizable short-term programs and work with you to get the results and outcomes you desire. To achieve these objectives, and to evaluate, we include workshops, site visits, lectures, and other assessment tools.

Select the group that is best suited for you

Faculty-Led Group

If you are looking for faculty-led, we can customize an itinerary to match your interest and goals. For over seventeen years, we have partnered with academic institutions and educators to transform the way students see the world.

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High School Group

Jamaica volunteer programs offer 3 components for high school group tours, meaningful service, cultural immersion, and adventure. We work directly with the Program Coordinator of to customize the perfect itinerary and educational experience for your group.

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student group

Student-Led Group

Volunteering abroad as a student-led group is an exciting option during Winter, Spring or Summer break. Jamaica Volunteer Programs can offer you the opportunity to have a trip of a lifetime and amazing experiences.

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Youth Group

Are you looking for new, different, and exciting group trips? If you are, Jamaica volunteer programs can customize an itinerary that will have your youth groups planning the next tour before they have boarded the return flight.

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Corporate Group

Corporate Group

Jamaica Volunteer Programs has a range of programs suitable for corporations. We can arrange and manage donations, project sponsorship, CSR programs, employee awareness programs, and tailor-made volunteering opportunities.

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family volunteer vacation

Family Volunteer Group

Is it your dream to grow and bond with your family like never before? Embark on a family volunteer vacation and develop a deeper, more meaningful connection with your loved ones. Volunteering abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime.

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