Volunteer Abroad

You can volunteer abroad in meaningful and sustainable projects to help communities in education, conservation, childcare, or the arts. And if you are looking to impact the world, grow and develop and boost your career prospect, do yourself a favor and start packing your bags to volunteer.

Who are you?

One of the first questions to answer when you are thinking about traveling abroad to volunteer is how you want to go. Think about the following.

Are you traveling solo to volunteer?

All your life, you may have participated in activities with a group, family, or friends. You have never done anything alone and want to build your confidence. Traveling solo to volunteer is an excellent way to start.
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Family Volunteering

You may have traveled with family on many trips to resorts and had fun.  But have you ever went and worked as a team, resolved conflicts, and helped underprivileged communities? If you have not done these activities, it is time to consider  Family Volunteering. Learn More

Volunteering abroad during Gap year

Just finishing high school and thinking of going to college? If you are feeling burnt out, unsure of the direction you want to take your life, or want to explore the world and learn more about yourself, it may be time to consider Gap year volunteering.

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Volunteering as a Group

Volunteering abroad as part of a group is an excellent way for team building and developing social skills. Volunteer programs abroad offer participants the opportunity to join groups. You can be a part of a youth group, sports organization, group of friends, co-workers, or any other group; you can give back to disenfranchised communities and impact the lives of those in need.

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Types of Volunteer Abroad Programs

How do you want to give back and help underserved communities? There are many options to choose. The examples below are only a few.

  • Fundraising and Administration.
  • Environment & Conservation
  • Childcare and Youth Development
  • Elderly and disabled
  • Art & culture
Alternative Breaks: Best Times of the year to Volunteer

Alternative Breaks are a convenient and accessible time to travel. Whether you are a college student, doing Gap Year travel, a university group seeking to make a positive contribution to local communities in need, we have something for you.

Jamaica Volunteer Programs offer unique opportunities for Winter break,  Alternative spring break, and Summer break volunteers. You can come as a Solo traveler or join one of our existing groups to gain real-life experiences and immerse in a new culture.

Find a project for your passion or interest to give back.

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