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Volunteer abroad in Jamaica and leave your mark. You’ll make an impact when you embark on any of our projects in Childcare, Teaching, Sports Coaching, Environmental Conservation, Community Development, Women Empowerment, NGO Support, Farming, or Medicine and Healthcare.

Our volunteer abroad programs are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), so you’ll be working as a part of the short, mid, and long term projects that we have developed.

Volunteer travel offers a lifetime experience – you’ll explore a new country, learn a new culture, and make new friends while changing the world you live in. And you can do it in any of our two locations – Kingston or Ocho Rios.

Whether you’re a solo traveler,  or in a group, volunteer opportunities abroad promises to be a new and refreshing way to see the world as you discover the best version of yourself.

Select the program that is best suited for you


Indulge in an authentic Jamaican experience as you work with local teachers, caregivers, and most importantly, the children.

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Volunteer as a teacher in Jamaica in a whole new way as you gain invaluable life experiences by adapting to a new culture.

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giving back


Are you looking for sports coaching volunteer abroad opportunities? If your passion is coaching, then Jamaica is the place for you.

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Women Empowerment

If you have a passion for women empowerment, human rights, and gender studies, then volunteering in Jamaica will provide opportunities to be a part of such global movements.

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Do you have a passion for agriculture and farming and enjoy getting your hands dirty? Volunteering on a local farm is Jamaica is a great way to enjoy the local environment

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Environment & Conservation

Join an Environmental Conservation volunteer project in Jamaica and be part of an amazing adventure to learn about Jamaica’s beautiful flora and fauna

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youth development program

Community Development

A drive through many Jamaican communities will show poor roads, dilapidated buildings, and peeling walls in need of re-painting. These problems offer great opportunities for the volunteer looking for international development work in communities.

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