Environmental Volunteering Abroad

Join an Environmental volunteering abroad project in Jamaica and be part of an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

 Suppose you are passionate about saving the earth and want to be a part of Jamaica’s solution. In that case, you can support Jamaica’s efforts by either working outdoors with hands-on Environmental Volunteering Projects or selecting marine research. 

There are many projects across Jamaica in different locations where you can learn about the environment. You can do Environmental volunteering for up to 4 weeks on any project or combine projects in different locations.

Work under the guidance of our experienced partners and get supervision from experts and professionals. In this way,  you won’t need any prior skills or experience. However, if you have experience and expertise, we will welcome your help.

When you volunteer,  you’ll be working as part of the short, mid, and long term goals that we have developed in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

On the first day of your project, you will learn about the UN SDGs objectives and mission and how our project is aligning with these goals. You’ll also get information on how for 17 years, we have been working towards these short, mid, and long-term goals. We aim to educate you on local/global issues, and how you can contribute to the organization’s mission to empower the lives of the people in the community.

Long Term Objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment as well as the animals affected by Global Warming
  • Aid in the removal of invasive species,reforest areas with historically occurring plants  and monitor the population of island unique fauna plants 
  • Assist with the conservation of local wildlife conduct maintenance work and run conservation educational programs 
  • Assist Local NGOs in monitoring & restoring habitats and ecosystems

Public Outreach & Environment Awareness

Work alongside local environmental conservation NGOs as you aid in their outreach campaigns. By doing this, you’ll educate and bring awareness of various environmental issues to local basic and primary schools.

You’ll also assist locals in conservation efforts, including beach clean-ups, community upcycling, and recycling programs. Even further, you’ll help with environmental clubs and gardening programs in local schools, tree planting programs, and leading community workshops.

Environmental volunteering projects are available at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Hope in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. Giving back there, you’ll work with many indigenous, exotic, native flora, and fauna. 

There is a need for continuous research on identifying new plant species and developing irrigation methods. Popular activities you could be involved in are helping with soil erosion control and maintenance of the park’s nursery garden. You’ll also study the rare flora and fauna found in the park and assist in trail construction and maintenance.

Another project located on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens is the Hope Zoo. If you are interested in animals and the environment and are passionate about wildlife conservation, there are opportunities for you to protect Jamaica’s native wildlife.

Blue Mountains Forestry & Wildlife Conservation 

As a volunteer on this climate change project in the Blue and John Crow Mountains, your work may vary. You’ll help remove numerous invasive species such as wild ginger (Hedychium spp.) and maintaining and extending trails within the park.

Marine Conservation 

Our climate change and environmental volunteering projects include activities such as research dives in marine protected areas in  Oracabessa, coral gardening, and beach clean-ups. You can also work with native species like the Jamaican iguana, Hawksbill turtles, the Jamaican Boa, and more. Volunteering in Jamaica on this project, the possibilities are endless.

You will work under the guidance of our experienced partners in marine biology and conservation. And, you don’t need any prior skills or experience. However, if you have the experience, our partners welcome you as well.

You may combine this project with any of the following programs: 

  • Education & Children
  • Repair, Painting of Furniture and Buildings
  • Light Construction Maintenance
  • Sports Coaching and Mentoring

The volunteer project is based in several villages in the hills of St. Andrew. Placements are within 5 to 10 minutes from Volunteer Home. The programs are also within close proximity to village shops, schools, and churches.

Volunteers will arrive at the Norman Manley International Airport and our representative will meet you on arrival.

A Jamaica Volunteer Programs coordinator will conduct orientation on the morning of the day the project starts. During this first meeting, you will be introduced to local staff who will take care of you and go over the details of your project placement. Your orientation will include popular Jamaican customs & culture, safety, weekend and free time travel options, and guidelines and expectations.

During your orientation, you will also be briefed on information about all the Covid-19 protocols, options for local transportation, currency, and other support services you will require during your stay.

Our accommodations are dormitory-style volunteer houses. Rooms are equipped with fans, but there is an option to pay an additional charge for air conditioning. Dorms have bunk beds and volunteers will share rooms with others of the same sex.

All accommodations have electricity, running water, western-style bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi. You are required to bring your reusable water bottle to refill each day, which will help to reduce your cost for clean drinking water. You are also required to bring toiletries.

Solar panels heat up the water in our accommodation, so on days when it’s not sunny or raining, there may be a chill to your shower.

At JVP, breakfast and dinner from Monday – Friday is included in your package.

The breakfast menu includes toast, eggs, fruits, tea/coffee, and juice. Two days per week, you’ll have a full Jamaican breakfast. We have a communal kitchen at the volunteer house that consists of all the essentials, including an electric kettle, refrigerator, utensils, and microwave. There is also space in our cupboards to pack your snacks.

For breakfast and dinner on the weekends, you may use our communal kitchen at the volunteer accommodation with access to amenities like a gas stove, oven, kettles, microwave, and fridge. Alternatively, you can access nearby restaurants offering meals between $5-8.

We cater to all diets, including vegetarians and vegans. To request meals for your special diet, discuss with your project coordinator.

Your daily work schedule will depend on your location and the duties; however, all volunteers will work with a basic structure. Our projects run from Monday – Friday, and on the first day of your placement, you’ll be accompanied by a local staff who will introduce you and help you settle in. During this time, you will get to familiarize yourself with the facilities, the team, and the duties and activities you will be doing. 

A typical day in any volunteer program will look like this:



7:30 AM

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at the volunteer accommodation.

8:00 AM

Journey to your placement where you will begin working on your project.

12:00 PM

Lunch break

1:00 PM

Work on your project continues.

3:00 PM

Travel back to the volunteer accommodation, go shopping, or explore nearby communities.


For the best experience, our volunteers who must be 18 and older, are encouraged to be flexible and open-minded. Creativity, initiative, and a sense of humor are also invaluable assets. Volunteers also need to submit important documentation such as travel health insurance, trip cancellation, a resume/CV, a copy of your passport front page, and a criminal background check not older than six months.

Your resume need not be more than one page long with a summary of your skills or gifts so we can best know how to use your service.

You can spend your afternoons and weekends however you’d like, whether it be hanging out with other volunteers, working online, or exploring Jamaica through adventure. At JVP, our representatives are always looking out for eye-opening cultural activities we know you’ll enjoy. Some afternoons you’ll even have the option to attend a local event. It’s your choice!

Here are some options:

Key Features

  • All year round projects
  • 1-12 weeks
  • Language: English
  • 5-day work week

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