Why choose Jamaica Volunteer Programs

Why Choose Jamaica Volunteer Programs?

Travelling around Jamaica you’ll notice ‘sun kissed’ beaches, and warm climate where thousands of tourist come each year to hide behind the walls of the all-inclusive hotels, villas and resorts. Many of these visitors do not get a chance to really touch, feel and see the ‘Real Jamaica.’

Our goal at the Jamaica Volunteer Programs is to identify and offer programs in different locations at affordable prices where visitors to Jamaica can volunteer or interns can get work experience.

We work with schools, orphanages and other non- profit organizations to take the hassle out of your trip, and in this way you’ll benefit from our experience.

Flexible & Affordable Programs

We work closely with local providers of accommodation so we get the best rates and we pass on these savings to you. Often times these huge savings are approximately 50% of the amount you would pay elsewhere.

Here is more of what you get when you chose us:

Pre-departure support. We’ll help to prepare you for your volunteer and internship trips. Travelling overseas and going to the unknown can be overwhelming. With the support of Jamaica Volunteer Programs unexpected problems will be just a bump in the road.

A Warm and Caring team led by the family

When you travel to Jamaica think of our caring team led by Maureen and Audley Evans as family you have not seen for a while. Because we want you to feel like you are a family member we’ll teach you the culture fast by:

  • Allowing you to join our early morning hikes in the community
  • Telling you stories about our culture that you won’t forget
  • Inviting you to share meals with family members
  • Teaching you to dance to Reggae music
  • Have you speaking like a Jamaican on your first day!

We offer Support & Safety

The Jamaica Volunteer Programs number one priority is your safety so our job is not completed until you arrive home safely. To ensure your safety, on your arrival, we give you tips and strategies to use during your orientation. In addition to this, we offer full medical insurance protection through our partners for any unexpected illness or accident.

Our trained staff offer 24/7 support. All our staff and volunteers go through extensive background checks and provide references as part of our child protection policy.


Our programs are flexible. Volunteers and Interns can stay for one week or as long as three months. To make the longer stays flexible and affordable, we offer packages in dorm style accommodations, single and double occupancy with affordable transportation rates.

We have an extensive network of partners

The management team and many of our staff members are very active community members and have built up a solid network of partners and NGO’s. Because of this, we can tap into this network quickly to create hard to get projects, learning trips, cultural immersion experiences and excusions.

Work in local communities

You get the opportunity to work in local communities to learn more about the country and its people.



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