What makes us unique

What makes us unique

We are a Jamaican family owned and operated organization and nobody knows Jamaica like Jamaicans. This means that when you book with us you will be treated as if you are a relative visiting from overseas and provided with a safe home away from home.

From the moment you step outside the airport, a family member or trusted staff will be waiting to welcome you, and this will be the beginning of your journey of a lifetime. The experience you’ll get will never be found on the internet or in a guide book. Our hope is that you’ll sample our culture and experience something so different and new that it might actually change you, or change the way you see the world.

Our Staff

Our staff members are handpicked to complement our family team and they understand the importance of a comfortable bed, fresh linen and a home cooked meal. Because of this our dedicated staff members will always be there to give you the opportunity to live like a local and immerse in the culture of Jamaica.

The best part of working with our staff is the ability to have easy and unlimited access to them so you can learn Jamaica’s rich history and explore our national treasures.

Safety & Support

Safety and support are our major priorities. When you are in Jamaica you will never be alone. Help is always available – 24/7 for emergencies and other needs. Our dedicated team members are always there to support you. One of the major goals of our organization is to have you feel as if you are visiting family overseas.

While volunteering, interning or studying, you’ll be placed with a local mentor who will give you tips and support. This means that at all times you’ll be surrounded by caring and trusted people to keep you safe.

To ensure your safety we also provide our own transportation driven by family members or trusted employees. When we use other transportation, we pre-screen the operators. As part of your transportation package, you’ll have a tour guide/driver who not only knows all the safe places to take you but also knows the customs of Jamaica.

Our security procedures/policies are always reviewed and updated. We take safety to the highest level in our volunteer homes and while transporting you to and from your place of work. We avoid areas that have unrest or high crime and ask you to get a local cell phone or have roaming so we can contact you  at all times. Your safety and security are always our highest priority.

Community projects that make an impact

We know you want to make an impact in the communities you work, so Jamaica Volunteer Programs looks for specific needs where you can have a lasting and positive impact on the local people.

By identifying the needs, providing resources and skills, you’ll make the long and lasting impact you wanted. In many schools, classes are overcrowded and understaffed so your help will provide the one-on-one interaction the students need.

Orphanages and child care facilities are some of our most popular projects. We focus on these because the children who live there need love and personalized attention but these are always in short supply from the under staffed and over worked attendants.

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