Why Choose Jamaica Volunteer Programs

If you are thinking of traveling abroad for volunteering, internship, or study abroad, Jamaica Volunteer Programs is the perfect choice to help you fulfill your dreams.

 With over 30 years in the travel business, both our founders and team members have deep connections to local communities and understand how to help volunteers impact projects while having a life-changing experience. 

Our affordable programs are safe, high quality and are guaranteed to help travelers build global awareness, education, and cultural appreciation. Our well-trained and friendly team have in-depth knowledge to offer unique experiences and support to our travelers.

As an organization, we are guided by our ethical standards and guiding principles for our goals and objectives, but here’s what sets us above the rest in Jamaica:


For 17 years, JVP has been the leader in affordable volunteer programs, studying abroad, and internships in Jamaica. We have welcomed volunteers, students, and travelers from all over the world. We have a network of community experts who have been working in the industry for years and know the local people’s urgent needs.

Quality & Affordable programs

We provide quality and affordable programs that give you so much for so little. Our programs offer meaningful and sustainable projects, cultural immersion in local communities, and learning outcomes to inspire and challenge travelers. Our tours and packages are perfect for the budget traveler whose sole desire is to make an impact.

Locally Owned

We are Jamaican owned and operated. Our staff live and work in the local communities, and so they know the culture and can offer genuine insight and insider knowledge about Jamaica. This allows us to have a network that reaches across many communities, which encourages a faster response system to problems and enables us to facilitate programs that we don’t typically offer.

Because we are locally owned, this allows us to participate in sustainable community building by:

  1. Providing employment opportunities and building the Jamaican economy
  2. Buying local food supplies and working closely with farmers
  3. Partnering with community organizations

Family-Owned and Friendly

We’re a family-run organization, and because of that, we are smaller and offer more personalized, one-on-one attention to get to know you more. Our team at JVP is warm and caring, and we love our travelers. The moment you inquire, we treat you like family so that you’ll feel like a family member visiting loved ones by the time you leave for Jamaica.

Safety & Support

At JVP, safety is not just a slogan but a mission. Our staff will be available to provide support 24/7, and their top priority is your safety. You will receive personalized attention, be provided with a local sim card to stay in contact while in Jamaica, and transfers will always be provided. If our transportation is not available, we will make other arrangements with partners.  We won’t rest until we know that you’re safe.

Because our organization owns the accommodation and transportation you’ll use, we can respond to problems faster and make changes if required.


Each traveler joining a Jamaica Volunteer Programs project is unique. Because of this, we work with each person as an individual with special needs and skills. After your first contact with us, we set up a meeting to discuss your goals and objectives.

 After this meeting, we customize your program and placement. You decide on your start date, end date, location, and activities. If you see several projects you love and can’t make up your mind which one to choose, do not worry, we can combine your projects and even combine different locations.

Unique Cultural Experiences

When you choose JVP, a cultural immersion experience awaits you like no other. How can we say this with confidence? We can because we design every aspect of our program to immerse ourselves in the Jamaican culture.

On your arrival at your accommodation, you are treated to a welcome dinner with mouth-watering Jamaican food. To help you learn the culture fast, we house you in a local Jamaican community where you’ll have the chance to live like a Jamaican. As you move around, you’ll hear the pulsating rhythm of reggae music, which will have you dancing like a ‘Yardie.’

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