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Why A Medical Internship Abroad is More Beneficial

For students interested in the field of medicine, medical internships abroad can provide students with more benefits than if they interned locally.

Watch the video below where medical students Tate and Mika, talk about their experiences doing medical internships in China.

Medical interns Mika White and Tate Besougloff talking about their internship in China. (Video: Cross Continental)

As highlighted by Mika, the experiences you will have on your overseas internship placement are likely to be vastly different from anything you are used to in your domestic clinics and hospitals.

With that said, here are some other benefits that internships abroad provide.

Benefits of Medical Internships Abroad

Better Training

Medical internship abroad heightens each student’s training with on-the-ground challenges while offering first-hand exposure to global health issues.

More challenging

Working with doctors and medical teams in a developing country will challenge and deepen your professional development and commitment.

Most medical facilities overseas are vastly under-resourced and overcrowded, just like in China. Interns will find themselves working in conditions that really test their skills, abilities, and emotions, as Mika mentioned in the video.

Mika also noted how different working in hospitals in China is compared to back home in the United States. You are likely to encounter several diseases and conditions in lesser developed countries than you used to back home.

medical internship

Develop New Skills

In addition, you will generally find that all pathologies are in more advanced stages. This is so as patients often tend to present much later than they do in wealthier countries.

During your medical internship, you’ll witness and treat these conditions first-hand while developing new skills and increasing your understanding of how these diseases progress.

Carrying out these procedures can be of crucial importance to an aspiring med-student. In the video, both interns mentioned how important it was for them to experience practicing acupuncture and fire cupping, which they had never done before their internship in China.

Most importantly, these practical skills and hands-on experience will give any medical intern a competitive advantage over their peers.

medical internship

Jamaica Volunteer Programs medical internships offer similar opportunities for interns to work side by side with local doctors and nurses. With our internships, you’ll gain practical experience and knowledge which will help later in your career and medical school applications.

Furthermore, a host family accommodation in Jamaica will enhance this once in a lifetime experience by adding deep cultural immersion and opportunities for second language development, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Want to know how you can do a medical internship in Jamaica? Get in touch with a JVP representative today for more information.

And be sure to grab our MUST HAVE checklist BEFORE you leave for your internship abroad. Click on the link below and submit your contact info so we can send it right over.


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