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Work Abroad in Medicine & Healthcare

If you are a doctor, medical student, or in training, little beats getting valuable hands-on experience working under challenging circumstances. Volunteer work abroad programs in medicine and healthcare allow medical practitioners to give their much-needed assistance to hospitals and clinics. You’ll get first-hand exposure to global health issues and face on-the-ground challenges. This will be vastly different from anything you may be used to back home.

Watch the video below and see medical students review their experience volunteering abroad in hospitals, clinics, and outreach programs in various developing countries in Asia.

Listen to the students speak on how much of an amazing experience working in a developing country can be. They mentioned how they used, developed and shared their skills while gaining experience in much different working conditions.

If you want to work abroad on an exotic island that offers similar features and possibilities, then come to Jamaica.

Jamaica Volunteer Programs provides a wide variety of work abroad programs. With our programs, medical, nursing, dentistry, and psychology students and professionals can carry out their electives and gain work experience. The skills you’ll build while working in Jamaica will give you a strong foundation to launch your medical careers.

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Work abroad in developing countries

Like several countries in Asia, Jamaica is a developing country that suffers from a lack of proper infrastructure in some areas. Medical facilities have little resources to deal with large crowds daily. Pathologies are typically in more advanced stages, as patients often present much later than they do in wealthier countries.

Generally, local doctors and nurses face many situations where they are forced to work under pressure with minimal resources and high workloads due to insufficient staff. So they are very open to getting any assistance they can get.

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